Nidorino (ニドリーノ Nidorino) is a Template:Type-type Pokémon and the evolved form of Nidoran♂. It is the male counterpart of a Nidorina. Nidorino is able to evolve into a Nidoking, but only by the use of a Moon Stone.

Appearance Edit

Nidorino is a rabbit-like Pokémon, like its previous evolution, though it acquires a more rugged look. Sharp teeth protrude from its upper jaw and its spikes have grown larger. It is a red-purple color with slightly darker spots.

Special Abilities Edit

The entire Nido family are known for their venomous spines. Nidorino's are no exception. They are more potent than his previous evolution.

Anime Edit

In the episode Where Art Through, Little Pokémon? a young boy named Ralph had a Nidoran♂ that evolved into a Nidorino after kissing a Nidoran♀.


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Generation IEdit

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Origins Edit

Nidorino is named after a small town in Northeastern Italy. Its name means strong willed in Italian.